R.T. snc was born in 1996 as manufacturer company of irrigation systems; it was a reality developed on the basis of owners' 30 years-experience in mechanics. A strong interest in mechanical solutions for fitness and the possibility of using its own technologies bring in 2004 to the creation of "Ext3", a trademark that presents its own models of strenght machines and professional benches. The products were appreciated immediatly for their own distinguishing characteristics, first of all effectiveness and solidity. After a diffusion in Northern Italy, Ext3 is now a reality in national and european areas. Its "made-by-hand" origin and its strong link with mechanics allow customer to find functional products and to analyze and make real his ideas of personalization.



The EXT3 is Awesome! The minute you start to use it, you feel it!  We have 2 other Abdominal machines that work but this definitely beats them, because you do not have to think of isolating your Abs or avoid using your upper body!

Our members are soo Excited!

You have a Winner! The Best New Abdominal Machine Ever!

Thank you,

Laura Dremel
Meadows Spa Fitness for Women


I just purchased the EXT3 Abdominal for our fitness center here at Quick Fitness and all of our members are giving me great feedback. They love how easy it is to use and the resistance it gives. They now prefer to use the EXT3 over our other abdominal machines. I have used it myself and I enjoy it. It really gives you a great workout. I give the EXT3 an A+.

Narci Quijije

General Manager
Quick Fitness


With multiple abdominal machines in our facility, including, the AB Coaster, Hoist Roc-it, Cybex VR3  & Nautilus Ab Crunch, the EXT3 by far is the most popular and most effective!

Based on the overwhelming demand for its use, I will definitely be ordering more units!  Simple to use, highly effective results and its comfortable design makes this product a real winner!

Alan Rosenberg
Powerhouse Gym
Center Moriches, NY