Freedom Climber


Seven years ago I had one of those "moments" when my body said "push away from this computer and do something physical".   Our family had just returned to the States after living in Kenya for seven years where we did volunteer work.  Our home was on the escarpment of the Great Rift Valley.  We had climbed Mt Kenya and often made our way up formations that required no technical skills, just a sense of adventure.

Pushing away from my computer seven years ago, I wanted to climb.  I stepped outside, looked at the side of a building, and this idea came to me.  The rest is the history of prototyping, marketing, and most importantly, the patience and participation of my whole family to help move an idea to where we are today.  Today people from the Philippines to Helsinki and from Dubai to Anchorage are pushing away from their computers and walking over to a Freedom Climber where they can enjoy the invigorating effects of climbing.  Kids and adults are jumping on the Freedom Climber, going through all the motions of climbing upward for minutes on end and never getting more than a few feet above the floor,  all the while getting a good workout and doing what kids and adults need to do - CLIMB.

Our manufacturing is all done locally in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania.