Shuttle Systems


In 1965, the US Air Force proposed the launching of a secret Space Station to be named the Manned Orbiting Lab MOL. Of prime concern to Gary Graham and a team of other bioscientists was the effect on an astronaut’s cardiovascular system during the long exposure to the zero gravity environment of space.

The Bioastronautics team proposed subjecting the astronauts to intermittent positive and negative acceleration forces parallel to the long axis of the body as a way of taxing their cardiovascular system and maintaining their orthostatic tolerance. The team developed a prototype they named the Cardiovascular Conditioner.

The government eventually scrapped the MOL Project. But, twenty years later, with additional research and development, Gary patented a Horizontal Rebounding exercise device. The CMC (CardioMuscular Conditioner) Shuttle 2000 used the basic principles derived from the Boeing cardiovascular conditioner.

And Shuttle Systems was born