TRAQ Ltd’s founders pioneered the use of simulation for the enhancement of health, physical performance, fitness and kinesthetic learning. We invested a decade developing the patented, award-winning “exercise simulator” called TRAZER®; the third generation TRAZER 2 serves as the foundation of the TRAQ Powered by TRAZER license experience.

The TRAQ license model offers programs and marketing guidelines to assist the TRAZER2 buyer in creating lucrative profit centers and positive PR and media attention.  We validated the TRAQ model’s programs at our TRAQ 3D Showcase, built in collaboration with the Westlake Medical Campus of the world-renowned Cleveland Clinic. This collaboration created numerous opportunities for cutting-edge research projects and program development.

The TRAZER product appeals to broad populations – kids as young as 5 years old, athletes of all ages, those new to exercise and seniors. In fact, our sites often boast of three generations working out together – grandparents, parents and their children. In addition to offering exciting programs for healthy members of the community, healthcare providers associated with a TRAQ Powered by TRAZER facility can enhance their preventive, rehabilitative and performance building programs and services that maximize each patient’s functionality and promote the well-being of every family member. TRAZER2 is a fun and innovative option for health care services such as physical therapy, weight loss or fall prevention programs. Athletes of all ages, abilities and goals are particularly well served by TRAZER’s measurements of previously unmeasurable performance parameters.

We believe that blending sports science and 3D simulation with specialized strength programs is the future of health, fitness and performance enhancement.