Total Access

Total Access is a line of commercial fitness equipment designed to be accessible to the physically impaired but which does not exclude other exercisers. This allows fitness enthusiasts who have physical or sensory limitations to take advantage of fitness training on the same gym floor and using the same equipment as those who do not.

The CYBEX Total Access line was developed by CYBEX UK. In the United Kingdom, exercise facilities are expected to provide fitness machines that will serve everyone (Inclusive Fitness Initiative - IFI). Working with the IFI as a research partner, CYBEX created Total Access to meet the needs of exercise enthusiasts who have cognitive, sensory or physical impairments. To assure the best possible understanding of the needs of this population, CYBEX worked with physically-limited individuals to create equipment that would best meet their needs. After a rigorous testing process, CYBEX introduced Total Access and became one of the only suppliers with a comprehensive range of stage 2 IFI accredited equipment.

In the USA, CYBEX Total Access products qualify under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), and can be eligible for tax credits. For colleges, health clubs, hotels, YMCAs and other exercise facilities that need to provide for a diverse population, Total Access meets this requirement. And, because CYBEX designed Total Access to be inclusive, facilities need to purchase only one set of equipment that all can use.

For health clubs, CYBEX Total Access equipment helps facilities attract a customer base that has not traditionally had exercise machines suitable to their training needs. And Total Access integrates with other CYBEX strength and cardio products so that it accommodates people of all abilities on the same gym floor.

At CYBEX, we believe that abilities matter more than disabilities. That is why CYBEX is the leader in designing fitness equipment that is accessible and inclusive.