David Henchel, Seawane Country Club

As someone new to the job of planning, designing and floor logistics of a health club, I needed a resource that could help me sort through the numerous cardio and strength solutions available and provide guidance.

Mark from SPS could not have done a better job. Mark had a long history with the Seawane Club with past Chairman’s and had an enormous amount of time already devoted to our project that had stalled for several years and yet never hesitated to invest countless more hours once I got involved. Our brand new Fitness Club was completed on time and budget and looks awesome. Our membership has increased their usage of the gym because of the ease of use, the layout and the machine choices. I extend to Mark Siegel my appreciation for his expert assistance, time and his patience. I would never consider a gym addition, renovation or rebuild without consulting Mark. He will give you the straight answer, he is accessible and he cares that you are happy.

- David Henchel, Seawane Country Club

Attilio S. Pensavalle, PT MA

"I have known and relied on Mark since 1980 (that's 25 years) for sound and insightful advise regarding product applications and their respective market suitability. From sale, to support, to service and staff in-service training for new equipment, Mark has been an invaluable resource for me, removing the burden of those worries from my daily practice. His honest and integrity have helped me through the challenges of design & development of 8 successful physical therapy practices and/or departments over the past 25 years. I rely on his judgment, expertise and insight like no one else's."

Attilio S. Pensavalle, PT MA

Stephen Gourlay, Evolution Fitness Center

"When I first decided to get into the gym business I spent years researching locations and equipment. Through this long and tedious process I met a lot of fellow gym owners. Some owned small mom and pop operations and some owned some of the most prestigious and successful fitness facilities in New York. As I picked their brains about what it takes to open and run a successful gym there was one very common denominator...I have to speak to Mark Siegel and get him involved. When you speak to gym owners across New York the one thing that discourages us is the lack of integrity the vendor reps have. Whether its promises they can't keep or lack of caring about the clients needs, I can't figure out how they stay in business. Mark Siegel is the ONLY person I have met in the fitness/gym industry that you can trust is doing the right thing by you. His strive for honesty and integrity are unfounded in any industry. Mark is the walking encyclopedia of fitness equipment. His product knowledge is astounding. He really cares about his clients and it tells in his ability to service. He is there when ever you need him and if he doesn't have the answers he will get them for you. He even spends hours upon hours training your staff on all the intricate workings of every piece of equipment. I even trusted him to watch my gym in Oyster Bay when I was on Vacation. If more people were like Mark we'd be living in a perfect world."

Stephen Gourlay


Evolution Fitness Center

Joe Capobianco, Advanced Sports

"I have known Mark Siegel for over 10 years. He is extremely knowledgeable in many facets of the Physical Therapy equipment forum. He has been extremely honest and trustworthy in all our dealings with regards to equipment purchased and follow ups with any problems incurred whether immediately or down the line. He should be your first step when opening a facility."

Joe Capobianco, P.T.

Advanced S.P.O.R.T.S.

Ron Filippi, Racquet & Tennis

"I have been purchasing exercise equipment from Mark and his company for the past five years. I have the utmost respect for his knowledge and opinion regarding these products. He has always dealt with me fairly. I know when I need his advise or some information regarding a product, I am guaranteed a prompt and honest response. He is a true professional. Whenever I can, I have recommended him to those of my clients seeking to purchase exercise equipment."

Ron Filippi

Fitness Director

Racquet & Tennis

Lois Cloud Malenczak, LI Sports & Rec

"I have known Mark Siegel longer than he and I would like to admit. Lets just say we did an advertisement together for Cybex when they were converting to a computerized system from paper. I think Mark's longevity in this business says everything about his knowledge and integrity. He has kept up with the continuing changes in the physical therapy and fitness world. He stays personal with all of his clients and knows our individual needs. I recommend him to everyone. Most importantly I know he and I remain friends."

Lois Cloud Malenczak, MA, PT


Long Island Sports & Rehabilitation Center

Leonard M. Framsom

"I have been a physical therapist since the early 1980's and have also been involved in performance enhancement training for that same length of time. Mark has always been there when I needed him for equipment for the facilities that I have been involved in or for my private patients and personal training clientele. I first met Mark in Texas in 1983 when he came to discuss the Cybex II and the Dual Channel Recorder, and his professionalism, his knowledge, his enthusiasm toward helping his friends and clients is still as strong today as it was back then."

Leonard M. Framsom, PT, MFS, CSCI, YFT

Ken & Corinne Brown, Fitness Incentive

"We've worked with Brad McLam of Siegel Performance Systems for over 10 years. In that time, they've become our vendor of choice when we are thinking about adding or replacing equipment. Not only do they represent many of the best product lines in the industry, they are extremely knowledgeable about industry trends, and they help to keep us on the leading edge. Perhaps most importantly, they are always ready to stand behind the products they sell, and go to bat for you with the manufacturers on the rare occasion when that's needed. We know from experience that we can count on them to help us maintain a first class facility. It's a pleasure dealing with them."

Corinne & Ken Brown


Fitness Incentive, LTD.

Jim Ramsay, NY Rangers

"Mark Siegel has taken care of the New York Rangers' fitness equipment needs for over 10 years. We need someone we can rely on for quick, efficient support and service and Mark has been there for us. We appreciate his product knowledge, honesty and integrity."

Jim Ramsay

NY Rangers

Bruce Cotter, Hamptons Gym Corp.

"Brad McLam has been an integral cog in the development of our facilities and overall vision of our company. Brad has an innate ability to recognize the unique needs of a specific demographic, which is especially important to us in the Hamptons. I have been dealing with Brad for over eight years. During this span our relationship has grown from a business relationship into a genuine friendship. I feel lucky to have been introduced to Brad early in my professional career."

Bruce Cotter

Hamptons Gym Corp.

Vincent J. Cavallaro, Lutheran Medical Center

"I have known Mark Siegel for 22 years. During that time Mark has always been receptive to our needs. Mark demonstrates product and market knowledge and offers immediate product information via e-mail. His pricing is very competitive, but above all I continue to deal with Mark due to his commitment to his work and his honesty."

Vincent J. Cavallaro, P.T.

Lutheran Medical Center

Judi Minsky, Maple Run Condo Assn

"Dear Mark,

I wanted to get back to you sooner, and apologize for the delay in contacting you to thank you for coming down to the Maple Run Condo Annual Meeting, the evening of November 1, 2007.

When we had spoken, you assured me you would attend, however since you were planning to be out of town early the next day, your stay would be brief. As you know, I could not attend that night, but heard from many committee members and homeowners, as well as Steve Borrero, that you stayed much longer than you had planned and were incredibly helpful explaining the operations of the new equipment!

It has been a huge project for me and the Clubhouse Renovation Committee, but working with you has been an absolute pleasure, and I thank you for your professionalism and expertise, as you guided us through the maze of confusion and uncertainty!

I look forward to the delivery of our last ordered piece and completing this project so the community can enjoy our new fitness room."

Judi Minsky

Chairperson, Clubhouse Committee

Maple Run Condo Association

Anthony Montalbano, YMCA of Greater NY

"Mark is a pleasure to work with. I have been working with him for over 10 years. He is very knowledgeable about product and market trends. I know you will be pleased with his service and response time based on your needs."

Anthony Montalbano

Director, Membership and Health & Wellness Programs

YMCA of Greater New York

Wayne Fizzuoglio, Powerhouse Fitness Center

"I just wanted to drop a note to thank you for all your help in researching and purchasing the best equipment for our facility. In our industry there seems to be a growing number of companies that are failing when it comes to customer service. It's nice to know that I can count on Siegel Performance Systems to provide the best service possible no matter how large or small my equipment needs are. Thanks again."

Wayne Fizzuoglio

Powerhouse Fitness Center

Glenn Morale, Gold's Gym

"Mark is one of the sharpest guys in the field. He has helped me with equipment, floor layout, location selection, just to name a few. I have been dealing with him for over 15 years and his knowledge has helped me tremendously. He has supported me on projects and has gone out of his way as if he was a partner of mine. He will always be part of my team."

Glenn Morale


Gold's Gym

Derek Miller, Powerhouse Gym

"Prior to opening my first club, there was plenty to learn about the fitness industry. Siegel Performance Systems has been not only a great fitness vendor, but a tremendous resource for market insight. Salesperson Brad McLam is only a phone call away for a wealth of industry knowledge. Thanks for playing such a huge role in our success at Powerhouse Gym Lindenhurst - your company has been there every step of the way."

Derek Miller


Powerhouse Gym

Jay E. Karl, Sportime

"I have known Mark Siegel, owner of Siegel performance Systems both personally and professionally for more than 8 years. In that time he has represented both himself and his company with the utmost integrity and professionalism. Mark has not only represented his product lines in a clear and concise manor, but he always stands behind his promise of support and service every step of the way and he has maintained this standard throughout the term of our relationship. Mr. Siegel has made himself available to help us to design and layout fitness centers and he understands and conveys industry and market trends. This service contributes to our company making sound purchasing decisions. Overall, our experience with Mark Siegel has been extremely positive and we hope to continue to do business with him as we expand our growing organization. Thanks for your sound advice, availability and friendship."

Jay E. Karl

Executive Director of Marketing and Sales


Michael Mincieli, Personal Training Institute

"I have been in the fitness industry for 25 years. For all those years, I have never worked with an individual as caring and honest as Mark Siegel of Siegel Performance Systems. When my company decided to open clubs in the Manhattan market, Mark was there, as he always has been, to guide us with his equipment ideas and club design and layout. His recommendations are always given with the clients needs in mind...the client always comes first with Mark. I trust Mark's judgement and he is the first person I call with any fitness related question, literally.

Do not enter into this business or make another purchase without consulting Mark. He will give you the straight answer."

Michael Mincieli

Personal Training Institute

Lou Obergh, Advanced PT Centers

"I have conducted business with Mark Siegel for over 15 years. I have found him to be extremely knowledgeable of not only his products but of the competitors products as well. Mark will always do what is right for the customer and his practice first. Mark is always available for questions and support well after the sale. His honesty and integrity is unparalleled in any industry. I can always count on Mark to follow up on questions and product support. He has even come in to train our staff on a weekend so we could be up and running on a Monday morning."

Lou Obergh, P.T.


Advanced Physical Therapy Centers

Mike, John, and Rob, LIFT Gym

"Dear Brad,

As long time trainers and first time owners of a fitness facility we must thank you for making the transition from trainer to owner so much easier than if we had to go it alone. We are most pleased (and so are our members) with the VIPER. From an owners standpoint it is absolutely a great selling point and eye grabber during a tour. Trainers love it and in our area we look for different ways to attract more trainers to want to work out of our facility. We have something no other ordinary gym has and thats the VIPER. Once trainers get their clients on it they are hooked and in turn we build our business because the trainers have a new 'toy' to use that they can't get anywhere else. Thanks for everything."

Mike, John, and Rob


Jeff Innocenti, Planet Fitness

"Mark and I have worked together for more years than I can remember. His courtesy and professionalism have always brought me back to doing more business with him. When my business wasn't going as well as planned, Mark found ways to help smooth things with the equipment companies in order to get me through."

Jeff Innocenti


Planet Fitness

Pat Montagano, Hofstra University

"Following a major renovation to the campus Fitness Center at Hofstra University, I extend to Mark Siegel my highest regards and appreciation for his expert assistance, time, patience and support throughout the entirety of our project. Almost two years before the construction actually began, I started working with him regarding equipment recommendations, room logistics and product line comparisons. Conducting my own research as well, I found Cybex strength and cardio equipment to undoubtedly be the best suited for our facility. Their Total Access strength training line was a huge attraction and truly separated them from the competition.

Mark is a man of his word. He works hard and provides quality in his products, his service and his commitment. Since the re-opening of the Fitness Center, Mark regularly "checks in" to ensure we are 100% pleased with our products and room design. He wants it all to be right and he wants us to be happy.

I feel very fortunate to work with Mr. Siegel and appreciate all he has done. Our students absolutely love the equipment and are certainly putting it to good use - and that, is what it was all about!

I recommend him to all! "

Pat Montagano

Sr. Assistant Dean of Students and Director, Recreation/Intramural Sports

Hofstra University

Dave Fischer, Park Avenue Physical Therapy

"I have worked with Mark for over 14 years and have gotten to know him extremely well. Mark is extremely knowledgeable about the equipment he sells and is always available to me and my staff when it comes to dealing with any equipment issues. He is dedicated, knowledgeable, intelligent, always willing to help, and entertaining. I highly recommend Mark, Siegel Performance Systems, and his staff to anyone interested in purchasing equipment."

Dave Fischer, P.T.M.A., O.C.S.

Park Avenue Physical Therapy

Sal Fischetti, St. Francis Prep

"Gym Source/Siegel Performance Systems was the right choice for us when choosing a company to outfit our new fitness and athletic training center. Vinnie Saunders made it very easy to decide what was best to suit the needs of a high school as large as St. Francis Prep. We clearly have a facility that is state of the art and completely services the needs of all students at St. Francis Prep the largest Private Catholic High School in the United States. Vinnie designed the layout of the fitness center and with his recommendation he helped us to choose the best equipment to service our needs. Anyone who visits our school is very impressed how comprehensive and complete the fitness center is. Everything has gone well so far, THANKS to Vinnie & Mark for getting our school moving in a new and positive direction."

Sal Fischetti

Director of Health, Physical Education, & Athletics

St. Francis Prep High School

Eileen Knauer, YMCA Huntington

"Mark is not only a business associate; he has been a resource for many of the fitness decisions we have made here at the YMCA. Mark has always made himself available to the Huntington YMCA and the other Long Island branches when we have been faced with opportunities for changes at the facilities. He has assisted in the development of many floor plans.

As a fitness professional, Mark has offered his time and services on a regular basis for workshops here at the Y. He has come to demonstrate new equipment, he has come back to re-train staff when we have had a turnover, and he is always available to answer any questions. Mark is articulate, knowledgeable, considerate, and personable. He has the qualities of an educator and the character values that the YMCA instills in its programs of caring, honesty, respect, and responsibility."

Eileen Knauer

Director of Programs

YMCA Huntington